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  • Full Name:Onurcan Sahin
  • Phone:+90 212 383 2932
  • Email:info@onur.phd
  • Website:www.onur.phd
  • Address:Yıldız Technical University,
    Department of Mechatronics,
    E2 Blok, 202,
    34349 Besiktas,
    Istanbul - Turkiye

I have a strong interest in mechanics, electronics, programming, and optics. I enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts, and I find great satisfaction in conducting research and developing novel devices.

This work can be challenging at times, but the excitement and sense of accomplishment I feel when I make progress keeps me motivated.

Lastly, I have a childlike sense of wonder and enjoyment when it comes to this kind of work. I honestly believe that people like me, whom are aged children, just likes to play with their own LEGOs. The only difference is our LEGOs cost a little more expensive & we just get paid to do it.


Onurcan Sahin

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Deputy Head of Department of the Mechatronics Engineering

    Yildiz Technical University | March 2023 - Present

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Board Member of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology

    Turkey Tennis Federation | Feb 2022 - Present

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Founder

    M2 Labtr | Feb 2022 - Present

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Assistant Professor

    Yildiz Technical University | Feb 2022 - Present

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Lecturer

    Yildiz Technical University | Feb 2021 - Feb 2022

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Production Manager

    EYEPCR B.V. | 2018 - 2021

    Amsterdam - Netherlands

  • Researcher

    University of Crete | 2018 - 2021

    Heraklion - Greece

  • R&D Manager

    Dunyagoz Hospital Group | 2015 - 2018

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Researcher - Marie Curie ITN E.U. Project

    University of Crete | 2011 - 2014

    Heraklion - Greece

  • Physics Engineer

    Dunyagoz Hospital Group | 2009 - 2011

    Istanbul - Turkey

  • Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy

    University of Crete | 2012 - 2018

    Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Vision and Optics.


  • Master's Degree

    Istanbul Technical University | 2008 - 2011

    Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, System Dynamics and Control.


  • Bachelor's Degree

    Istanbul Technical University | 2004 - 2008

    Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Physics Engineering, Physics Engineering.


  • High School

    Kadir Has Anatolian H.S. | 1999 - 2003

    Majored in science and mathematics.


  • SCI and SCI-Exp Journals

  • Preservation of capsular transparency and geometrical consistency in cataract surgery using a novel intracapsular ring

    Journal of Clinical Research and Ophthalmology - 2020 - P010

    Ahmed Elmassry, Onurcan Sahin , Loukia Leonidou, Dimitris Liakopoullos, Harilaos Ginis, Aristophanis Pallikaris and Ioannis Pallikaris

    Journal Link - Request

  • Visual, refractive and topographic outcomes of progressive thickness intrastromal corneal ring segments for keratoconic eyes

    International Ophthalmology - 2020 - P009

    Efekan Coskunseven, Renato Ambrosio Jr., Adriana Smoradkova, Francisco Sanchez Leon, Onurcan Sahin, Isilay Kavadarli, Mirko R. Jankov II

    Journal Link - Request

  • The effects of implantable collamer lens implantation on higher order aberrations

    International Journal of Ophthalmology - 2017 - P008

    Belma Kayhan, Efekan Coskunseven, Onurcan Sahin , Ioannis Pallikaris

    Journal Link - Request

  • Four-stage procedure for keratoconus: intrastromal corneal ring segment implantation, corneal cross-linking, toric phakic intraocular lens and topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy

    Journal of Refractive Surgery - 2017 - P007

    Efekan Coskunseven, Daya Papalkar Sharma, Michael A. Grentzelos, Onurcan Sahin, George D. Kymionis, Ioannis Pallikaris

    Journal Link - Request

  • Refractive Outcomes of 20 eyes which underwent ICL implantation for correction of hyperopic astigmatism

    Journal of Refractive Surgery - 2017 - P006

    Efekan Coskunseven, Isilay Kavadarli, Onurcan Sahin, Belma Kayhan, Ioannis Pallikaris

    Journal Link - Request

  • Optical Measurement of Straylight in Eyes with Cataract

    Journal of Refractive Surgery - 2016 - P005

    Onurcan Sahin, Alexandros Pennos, Harilaos Ginis, Lucia Hervella, Eloy Villegas, Belen Cañizares, Jose Maria Marin, Ioannis Pallikaris, Pablo Artal

    Journal Link - Request

  • Design and control of a visual servomechanism for automating corneal cross linking treatment on keratoconus patients

    Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences - 2015 - P004

    Onurcan Sahin, Erdinç Altuğ

    Journal Link - Request

  • Compact optical integration instrument to measure intraocular straylight

    Biomedical Optics Express - 2014 - P003

    Harilaos Ginis, Onurcan Sahin, Alexandros Pennos and Pablo Artal

    Journal Link - Request

  • Book Chapters

  • Femtosecond Laser Surgery in Ophthalmology

    Thieme - 2018

    Chapter 3, Ioannis Pallikaris, Onurcan Sahin
    Chapter 12, Efekan Coskunseven, Ioannis Pallikaris, Onurcan Sahin,
    ISBN: 9781626232365


  • Corneal cross-linking 2nd edition

    SLACK Inc. - 2017

    Chapter 32, Efekan Coskunseven, Onurcan Sahin,
    ISBN: 1630912107


  • Patents

  • Device for Reconstruction of a Lens Capsule after Cataract Surgery. (Extension)

    US 2018

    Ioannis Pallikaris, Onurcan Sahin, Harilaos Ginis


  • Device for Reconstruction of a Lens Capsule after Cataract Surgery

    US 2017 - WO, EP, JP CA, AU, CN, KR 2018

    Ioannis Pallikaris, Onurcan Sahin


  • International Proceedings

  • Preliminary Results with the fix-O-flex Intracapsular Ring

    European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons. “ESCRS"
    Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2020 - (Online due to COVID19)

    Ahmed Elmassry, Loukia Leonidou, Onurcan Sahin, Ioannis Pallikaris


  • Modern Understanding of Accommodation: Treatment Approaches, Current and Future: Aberrations & Multifocality in IOL’s

    American Academy of Ophthalmology. "AAO"
    San Francisco, USA - 2019

    Onurcan Sahin


  • A new method for correcting an irregular surface of a cornea

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science “ARVO"
    Vancouver, Canada - 2019

    Ioannis Pallikaris, Eirini Naoumidi, Onurcan Sahin


  • Corneal Suture Robot for Keratoplasty Operations

    31st International Congress of the Hellenic´ Society of Intraocular Implant and Refractive Surgery.
    Athens, Greece - 2017

    Tunc Kose, Onurcan Sahin, Kadir Erkan, Huseyin Uvet, Ioannis Pallikaris.


  • The importance of fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging to establish patient eligibility for the Argus II retinal prosthesis system

    European Journal Of Ophthalmology.
    Florentina, Florence, Italy - 2017

    Nilufer Unal, Onurcan Sahin, Yusuf Ziya Arslan, Recai Arslantas, Ioannis Pallikaris


  • Clinical validation of a compact optical straylight meter in cataract patients

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science “ARVO"
    Denver, USA - 2015

    Harilaos S Ginis, Alexandros Pennos, Lucia Hervella, Eloy A Villegas, Onurcan Sahin, Belen Cañizares, Jose María Marín, Pablo Artal


  • Fast optical measurement of intraocular straylight

    International Society for Optics and Photonics.
    San Francisco, USA - 2015

    Harilaos Ginis, Onurcan Sahin, Pablo Artal


  • A LED based device for transscleral photodynamic ablation of the ciliary body in rabbits using Verteporfin

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science “ARVO"
    Orlando, USA - 2014

    Miltiadis K Tsilimbaris, Roulina Niavi, Onurcan Sahin, Chrysanthi Tsika, Irene Naoumidi


  • Clinical instrument for the optical measurement of straylight in the human eye

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science "ARVO"
    Orlando, USA - 2014 - P002

    Onurcan Sahin, Harilaos S Ginis, Miltiadis K Tsilimbaris, Pablo Artal

    Link - Request

  • A novel compact optical instrument for the clinical measurement of intraocular light scattering

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science “ARVO"
    Seattle, USA - 2013

    Onurcan Sahin, Harilaos Ginis, Guillermo Perez, Juan Bueno, Pablo Artal


  • Measuring Intraocular Scattering with Spatio-temporally Modulated Light

    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science "ARVO"
    Miami, USA - 2012 - P001

    Onurcan Sahin, Harilaos S Ginis, Guillermo M Perez, Juan M Bueno, Pablo Artal

    Link - Request




C & C#Expert




Solidworks & RhinoCerosExpert


Ansys - Hyperelastic SimulationsExpert


Technical Reports & Projects - Before 2022

Project on Biomedical Devices - Completed

Device for Reconstruction of a Lens Capsule after Cataract Surgery

EYEPCR B.V., Netherlands

Project on Biomedical Devices - Completed

Automated suture device for corneal transplantation surgeries

Dunyagoz Hospitals & Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

Project on Opto-Mechatronics - PhD. Thesis - Completed

Fast optical measurements of stray-light in human eye

University of Crete, Greece

Project on Biomedical Devices - Completed

A LED based device for transscleral photodynamic ablation of the ciliary body in rabbits using Verteporfin

University of Crete, Greece

Project on Biomedical Devices and System Dynamics and Control - MSc. Thesis - Completed

Design and control of a visual servomechanism system for automating corneal cross-linking treatment on keratoconus patients

University of Crete, Greece

Project on Robotics - Completed

Laser guided robot with autonomous computer assistance

National-Wide Robot Olympics Project, Turkey

Projects - After 2022

You can access the project after establishing the M2Lab can be found the on the laboratory's website.

Please click here for accessing the M2 website

Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering Department, Turkey


Certificate of Attendance: ERASMUS+ Project "RECOM"

  • Tallinn, Estonia - Jan 2023 "Teaching training Activity of redesigning introductory computer programming using innovative online modules."*

PTE Academic - 81/90; Istanbul, Turkey, 2021

Certificate of Attendance: American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting;

  • San Francisco, USA - Oct 2019 “Oral Presentation"*
  • Chicago, USA - Oct 2016 “Poster Presentation"
  • Las Vegas, USA - Nov 2015, “Contributor”

Certificate of Attendance: The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Annual Meeting;

  • Virtual Meeting - May 2021. "Presentation”*
  • Vancouver, Canada - May 2019. “Poster Presentation”*
  • Orlando, USA - May 2014, “Exhibitor & Poster Presentation”
  • Seattle, USA - May 2013. “Poster Presentation”
  • Miami, USA - May 2012. “Poster Presentation”

Certificate of Attendance: International Conference on Science and Technology;

  • Ankara, Turkey - Oct 2016, “Contributor”

Certificate of Attendance: Aegean Cornea;

  • Crete, Greece - August 2021, “International Faculty Member”*
  • Chania, Greece - July 2016, “Oral Presentation & International Faculty Member”
  • Rethymno, Greece - July 2012, “Contributor”

Certificate of Attendance: Institute of Vision & Optics, University of Crete Summer School;

  • Chania, Greece - June 2016
  • Santorini, Greece - July 2013
  • Rethymno, Greece - June 2012
  • Hersonissos, Greece - Aug 2011

Certificate of Attendance: European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons;

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Online) - Annual Meeting - Feb 2020, "Poster Presentation"*
  • Athens, Greece - Winter Meeting - Feb 2016, “Contributor”
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Winter Meeting - Feb 2015, “Contributor”

Certificate of Attendance: Aegean Retina;

  • Mykonos, Greece - July 2015, “Oral Presentation”
  • Santorini, Greece - July 2013, “Oral Presentation”

Certificate of Attendance: International Forum on Optics, Iranian Research Association for Vision and Ophthalmology;

  • Tehran, Iran - Mar 2015, “Oral Presentation”

Certificate of Attendance: Congress of Clinical Research in Turkey;

  • Virtual Meeting - March 2022, “Contributor”
  • Istanbul, Turkey - March 2015, “Contributor”

Certificate of Attendance: Royal Institute of Technology, AlbaNova Biomedical and X-Ray Physics;

  • Stockholm, Sweden - May 2014, "Training Course"

Certificate of Attendance: Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO);

  • Groningen, Netherlands - May 2014, “Private Sector Collaboration”

Certificate of Attendance: Young Researcher Vision Camp;

  • Leibertingen, Germany - June 2013, “Poster Presentation”

Certificate of Attendance; EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organizations;

  • Brussels, Belgium - March 2013. Mid-Term Review Meeting for “OPAL” network. “Poster and Oral presentation”

Certificate of Attendance: Laboratorio de Optica, departamento de Física, Universidad de Murcia (LO·UM),

  • Murcia, Spain - Februrary 2013. “Lab Exchange”
  • Murcia, Spain - November 2012. “Lab Exchange”

Certificate of Attendance: Initial Training Network ‘OPAL’;

  • Tubingen, Germany - Dec 2012. “Training Course”

Certificate of Attendance: Instituto de Óptica "Daza de Valdés", Visual Optics and Biophotonics Lab;

  • Madrid, Spain - Sep 2012, “Summer School”

Certificate of Attendance: Initial Training Network ‘OPAL’, Rodenstock GmbH;

  • Munich, Germany - May 2012, “Training Course” on “Insight in to Industrial Research and Development.”

Certificate of Attendance: University of Tubingen, Competence Centre for University Teaching in Medicine;

  • Tubingen, Germany - March 2012, “Training Course”

Honor List; Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007

English Language Education; Pilgrims, Canterbury, England, 2000.

*Presented with red are the most recent certificates.

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